All of the equipment listed below is included in our studio hire. If there is something you need that isn’t listed then get in touch and we will see what we can do to source it for you!


We are constantly adding to our lighting collection, here’s what we currently have:

  • ** NEW ** Godox TL120 1.2m LED Tube Light
  • PixaPro ceiling-mounted Pantograph rail track system.
  • Interfit Badger Beam battery powered 60w LED.
  • PixaPro / Godox 600w (High Speed), 400w & 200w strobes.
  • Godox VL150 continuous and strobe 150w daylight LED.
  • PixaPro 60w daylight LED continuous light with remote dimmer.
  • Interfit 120cm Rice Bowl Softbox (with grid).
  • PixaPro 90cm Octo Softbox (with grid).
  • PixaPro 90cm x 60cm rectangular Softbox (with grid).
  • 2 x PixaPro 35cm x 160cm rectangular Softbox (with grid).
  • PixaPro 55cm white Beauty Dish.
  • Various white/ silver / translucent umbrellas.
  • Snoot with coloured gels (various colours) and patterns.
  • 2 x Barndoors with gels (various colours).
  • Godox triggers for fit with Canon / Nikon / Sony / Fuji / Olympus / Panasonic / Pentax.
A Selection of Professional Photography Lights

Backgrounds and Sets

To help you get that ideal shot, we have a range of backgrounds and sets at your disposal:

  • Colorama Rolleasy 2.72m wide backgrounds with Colorama papers (Black, White, Cherry Red, Purple, Sunshine Yellow and Chroma Blue).
  • We also have a range of curtains and fabrics on rails that can be positioned for the perfect shot.
  • Sets can be created using various combinations of seating and flooring including: Boudoir, vintage, garden, modern, 50s & 60s. Please ask if you need something specific as some of these are temporary but can be recreated upon request.
  • Alternatively, you can use any of the walls around our fabulous studio.

Other Equipment

In addition to our lighting, we have a range of other photography equipment for you to use, including:

  • Studio wind machine with wheeled stand.
  • Chauvet smoke machine.
  • Large LED TV on wheeled stand for tethered shooting or image display (HDMI only). Please bring your own laptop / tether cable as there are too many combinations for us to keep.
  • Optical Gobo with styling patterns and colour filters.

Studio Props

We have a large range of props for you to use in your shoot. Here’s a snippet of what we offer – for a more expansive list click here:

  • Chaise Lounge.
  • Black faux leather sofa.
  • 10+ types of chair.
  • Hats and coats.
  • Trinkets, ornaments and candelabras.
  • Mannequin.
  • Cushions and throws.
  • Chests.
  • Guitar.
  • Crystal glasses and decanter.

To hire our spaces, please get in touch.