Thank you!

Please contact us with an questions you may have or if you wish to cancel. Cancellation with full refund is available up to 14 days after making the payment and before your first use of the membership benefits.

Just a few notes to make things go smoothly;


      • You must be the only person attending an event. If you require extra assistance then this must be arranged in advance.
      • You must book onto an event using the usual Shutter Club Plus page and we will contact you if a discounted payment is required

      • If arriving by car, the car park is the last entrance off Waterway Street West (NG2 1NL) . Set this as your Sat. Nav. destination as access to the car park is not possible from Queens Bridge Road or Traffic Street. Alternative parking is just 2 minutes away at Nottingham Train Station at reasonable day rates and on Crocus Street between Sheriffs Way and Arkwright Street.

      • Nottingham Train Station and Tram stop is just a 2 minute walk away (head out of the station front entrance, past the big Unity Square building as you exit the front of the station, then pass the Vat and Fiddle pub at Castle Rock Brewery and enter Karlsruhe House under the green sign).

      • Press Number 4 when you get to the lobby of Karlsruhe House or call us if the blue door is locked.

      • Arrive around 10 minutes before each event.

      • Please ensure you are happy with the levels you will be photographing at the event. We back our models 100% and if they say no to a request / pose / position then their word is final.

      • Only direct the model(s) verbally, no physical contact or direction is permitted.

    Regards and see you at Shutter Club Plus!


    Studio Number: 0115 678 3332